Streetwise Spycraft: Protect Yourself and Learn the Secret Skills of Twenty-First Century Espionage; Barry Davies; 9781780974378; Carlton Books, Limited, 2013; 176 pages; 2013

Spies have kept the tricks of their trade secret—until now. Written by an elite British SAS agent, Streetwise Spycraft uncovers the truth about exactly what spies do and how they do it. And it's just in time, because skills that were once extreme have become essential for survival. Learn how to handle agents; encode messages; track, escape and evade; do surveillance, and more.
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Ram Charan, Stephen Drotter, James Noel; How to Build the Leadership Powered Company; 352 pages; The Leadership Pipeline; Nov 2, 2010; ISBN:047092148X; An updated and revised version of the bestselling The Leadership Pipeline the critical resource for how companies can grow leaders from the inside. In business, leadership at; Business & Economics, 800x600 This new supply chain management case study examines "store or don't store" multi-echelon inventory decisions faced by Jefferson Plumbing Supplies. It drills down to; ISBN:9780133757934; Business & Economics; Sep 11, 2013; To Store or Not to Store?; Chuck Munson; 3 pages; Multi-Echelon Inventory Decisions at Jefferson Plumbing Supplies
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History; PSU:000064211763; 381 pages; John A. Nagy; 2010; Spycraft of the American Revolution; The award-winning author of Rebellion in the Ranks explains the techniques used by spies on both sides of the American Revolution--including dictionary codes, hidden; Invisible Ink, The Germ Theory - Applied to the Explanation of the Phenomena of Disease - The Specific Fevers; ISBN:9781446004616; Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. We are republishing these classic works; T. MacLagan; 268 pages; 2010 Sep 22, 2003; 450 pages; Business & Economics; ISBN:9780071436120; Lance Berger, Dorothy Berger; The Talent Management Handbook explains how organizations can identify and get the most out of high-potential people by developing and promoting them to key positions. The; The Talent Management Handbook,
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The Aggravation of Elmer; ISBN:9781465504852; Robert Arthur
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