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This fascinating account tells what the Sioux were like when they first came to their reservation and how their reaction to the new system eventually led to the last confrontation between the Army and the Sioux at the Battle of Wounded Knee Creek. A classic work, it is now available with a new preface by the author that discusses his current thoughts about a tragic episode in American history that has raised much controversy through the years. Praise for the earlier edition: "History as lively and gripping as good fiction." "One of the finest books on the Indian wars of the West."--Montana "A well-told, easily read account that will be the standard reference for this phase of the Indian 'problem.'"--American Historical Review "A major job . . . magnificently researched."--San Francisco Chronicle "By far the best treatment of the complex and controversial relationship between the Sioux and their conquerors yet presented and should be must reading for serious students of Western Americana."--St. Louis Dispatch (on the earlier edition) Winner of the Buffalo Award
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