Selling Alaska: The White-Collar Adventures of a Pioneer Advertising Pioneer - 142 pages - 9780974501482 - 2006 - Epicenter Press, 2006 - Kay Guthrie

Kay Guthrie's reason for heading north was not gold or oil. It was a lovely red-haired co-ed he met at Washington State College "Suddenly I heard angels singing," Kay recalls. The year was 1949. He followed his new love to a remote village in southwest Alaska. On the way, a bush pilot handed over his controls, instructing Guthrie: "Head for that mountain peak ... wake me when you get there." Guthrie learned right away that Alaskans are different than other Americans. He founded the new state's first full-service advertising agency in 1959. The young ad man gravitated toward bruising political campaigns where he loved trying to outwit the opposition. Other memorable clients include an ill-fated German brewery that should have listened to his advice and Charles F. "Charlie" Willis Jr., the flamboyant CEO of Alaska Airlines whose office in Seattle resembled a whorehouse saloon - complete with draft beer. In a memoir rich with humor and history, Kay tells how he survived three marriages, political battles, cranky clients, and North America's most powerful earthquake.
ISBN:0618154469 - Biography & Autobiography - 687 pages - The Life of William Randolph Hearst - 2001 - The Chief - Celebrates the life and work of the powerful newspaper publisher, and includes information on his relations with Hitler, Mussolini, Churchill, and Roosevelt, as well as on his - David Nasaw
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ISBN:052189218X - B. S. McBeth - Apr 4, 2002 - Biography & Autobiography - 292 pages - The book examines the relationship between Gmez's government and the oil companies - Juan Vicente Gmez and the Oil Companies in Venezuela, 1908-1935
Ray Kroc, Robert Anderson - Apr 15, 1992 - Grinding It Out - The founder of the McDonald's hamburger chain tells of his early business ventures and his success in developing a single restaurant in Illinois into an international operation - Biography & Autobiography - 218 pages - ISBN:0312929870 - The Making Of McDonald's The Barry Diller Story - George Mair - Jul 1, 1998 - 356 pages - Biography & Autobiography - The Life and Times of America's Greatest Entertainment Mogul - The meteoric rise of "Killer Diller" Barry Diller has been a major player in the entertainment industry for more than thirty years. Always on the cutting edge, he - ISBN:0471299480, This superb volume offers a comprehensive range of ways to keep your feet in tip-top condition. Many books have been written on reflexology, and countless massage books contain - Simple Ways to Revive, Soothe, Pamper and Feel Fabulous All Over - 2008 - Renee Tanner - 96 pages - Foot Massage - ISBN:1844764753 - Health & Fitness Biography & Autobiography - Insight from the World's Greatest Entrepreneur - 253 pages - Bill Gates Speaks - Oct 14, 1998 - Bill Gates, Janet Lowe - Excerpts from speeches, news broadcasts, and interviews provide Gates' views on financing and running a small business, expanding his wealth, and raising a family - ISBN:0471293539
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E.W. Scripps and the Business of Newspapers - Jan 1, 1999 - 217 pages - ISBN:0252067509 - Gerald J. Baldasty - A biography of a press baron, founder of the wire service, United Press, and owner of a chain of popular newspapers which did not rely on advertising. He is portrayed as a - Biography & Autobiography, May 15, 2017 - 425 pages - This is the eBook of the printed book and may not include any media, website access codes, or print supplements that may come packaged with the bound book. Clear, engaging - Rose Marie Nieswiadomy, Catherine Bailey - ISBN:9780134153100 - Foundations of Nursing Research - Medical The effects of periglaciation on the British landscape are synthesised in this 1997 text - Nature - Colin K. Ballantyne, Charles Harris - The Periglaciation of Great Britain - ISBN:0521310164 - 330 pages - 1994
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170 pages - UOM:39015011626994 - Microbes and Men - 1975 - Medical microbiology - Robert William Reid
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Saving the Sun - Gillian Tett - Saving the Sun tells the story of the world's largest private equity deal where American investors made billions of dollars rehabilitating Shinsei, a failed Japanese bank - Japan's Financial Crisis and a Wall Stre - ISBN:0061877638 - 384 pages - Oct 13, 2009 - Business & Economics, Irving M. Gottlieb - ISBN:0830624538 - 257 pages - Electronic power control - Aug 1, 1991 - Technology & Engineering, 1136 pages - Computers - 2001 - Hey, you know your way around Wordso now dig into Version 2002 and really put your documents to work! This supremely organized reference packs hundreds of timesaving - Mary Millhollon, Katherine Murray - Microsoft Word Version 2002 Inside Out, Volume 1 - ISBN:0735612781 Julian Lincoln Simon - 2002 - ISBN:1412816130 - Biography & Autobiography - The Autobiography of an Unconventional Economist - A Life Against the Grain - 359 pages - "Although he spent thirty-five years of his life as a faculty member at three universities, his autobiography contains almost no discussion of departmental affairs or,
ISBN:9781317610168 - Business & Economics - This book examines the United States as a destination for international consumers of assisted fertility services, including egg donation, surrogacy, and sex selection. Based on - Creating Family in the Mother Country - 192 pages - Lauren Jade Martin - Reproductive Tourism in the United States - Nov 20, 2014 Aug 17, 1992 - The History of the World in 366 Days - Sian Facer - ISBN:0517073315 - On This Day - 400 pages - History - Photographs, articles, amusing anecdotes, and snippets from diaries and speeches record the famous and infamous, great and trivial, events and personalities of history--from, Sep 18, 2007 - Midori by Moonlight - ISBN:0312372612 - Jilted by her American fianc and left in San Francisco with no visa, no money, and nowhere to go, Midori Saito is unable to face the humiliation of telling her parents that she - Wendy Nelson Tokunaga - 256 pages - Fiction
Public art New York - Jean Phifer, Francis Dzikowski - Mar 17, 2009 - Architecture - UOM:39015080720595 - 288 pages - A tour of the best permanent public art in all five boroughs of New York City
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Oct 1, 2004 - The Patron - A Life of Salman Schocken, 1877-1959 - Biography & Autobiography - A definitive biography of entrepreneur Salman Schocken describes his rise from impoverished migrant salesman to leader of German industry and his key role in promoting Jewish - 472 pages - ISBN:0805076891 - Anthony David The Art and Practice of the Learning Organization - The Fifth Discipline - Business & Economics - 2006 - Peter M. Senge - 445 pages - ISBN:9780385517829 - A pioneer in learning organizations offers five disciplines that reveal the link between far-flung causes and immediate effects and that can save organizations from becoming UCAL:B3417731 - Agency for International Development, South Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station, United States - Technical Bulletin, Issues 1-22 - 1939
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UOM:39015022052263 - Education - 231 pages - 1991 - Effective Schools for All - Mel Ainscow Fiction - Melissa M. Williams - ISBN:0985470526 - Dec 1, 2012 - I Write Short Stories by Kids for Kids, Volume 3 - EXPLORE THE WORLD inside a child's imagination, as over thirty student authors and illustrators, grades 3rd through 12th, come together in this short story and poetry - 246 pages