The 100 Best Businesses for the 21st Century - Gregg A. Ramsay, Lisa Rogak - 2000 - 211 pages - W. Hill Pub., 2000 - 9780965250238

This one-of-a-kind guide covers one hundred of the most promising small businesses for the future in the fields of technology, service and retail. The book will serve people who have never started a business as well as entrepreneurs who are interested in expanding their present ventures. As more people use the dawning of a new millennium as the motivation they need to finally pursue their dreams. The 100 Best Businesses of the 21st Century will prove to be an invaluable resource.
And 364 Other Ways to Save Money at Home Without Knocking Yourself Out - 1995 - Shares ways to save money on food, clothing, transportation, child care, home maintenance, energy, shopping, health care, pets, and entertainment - Consumer education - ISBN:0517882337 - Never Throw Out a Banana Again - 168 pages - Darcie Sanders, Martha M. Bullen
2001 - Staying Home - 239 pages - From Full-Time Professional to Full-Time Parent - ISBN:0967035902 - Family & Relationships - Darcie Sanders, Martha M. Bullen
Darcie Sanders, Martha M. Bullen - Offers advice on getting started in a home buiness, including obtaining business loans, locating expert advice, identifying a market, and pricing services - 1998 - 287 pages - Turn Your Talents Into Profits - ISBN:9780671015299 - Business & Economics
Insights from the C-Suite on What They Don't Teach You in Business School - ISBN:9814302694 - Based on original interviews with executives and managers, this volume provides unique insights and advice on the challenges managers face today - Jeremy Kourdi, Tom Kourdi - Sep 1, 2011 - Executives - One Minute MBA - 256 pages
What it Does - 20 pages - Small business - 1976 - SBA - IND:30000116142542 Successful Delegation in a Week - 94 pages - This practical and straightforward guide explains the advantages and benefits of delegation and provides the reader with the skills needed to efficiently and successfully - ISBN:034073762X - Jeremy Kourdi - Delegation of authority - 1999
The Chemical Weapons Convention : effects on the U.S. chemical industry - ISBN:9781428920842
187 pages - Jan 1, 1991 - This book supplies a neglected cultural context for T.S. Eliot's writings of the 1930s and 1940s, particularly Four Quartets, and explodes the widespread belief in Eliot's - Steve Ellis - ISBN:0415066883 - England - Design, Language, and Landscape in Four Quartets - The English Eliot
This is the most comprehensive anthology of works and speeches by the statesman and political philosopher Edmund Burke (1729-1797). Peter J. Stanlis, professor of humanities - 702 pages - Selected Writings and Speeches - 1963 - Edmund Burke - Political Science - ISBN:0895264072, Ten Case Studies for CPA Firms - Business & Economics - Anita Dennis - 1997 - Creating a Virtual Office: Ten Case Studies for CPA Firms, Page 1 - 184 pages - ISBN:0870511882
Buying Property in Murcia - 256 pages - In this practical property buyer's handbook Jenkins reviews the main areas and cities of her home region of Spain from a buyer's perspective and provides in-depth advice on the - Business & Economics - Debbie Jenkins, Joe Gregory - 2008 - Insider Tips on Buying, Selling and Renting - ISBN:9781905430291
From her memorable role in Gone With the Wind to her last big screen appearance opposite Harrison Ford in The Mosquito Coast, the details of McQueen's life are captured in this - 142 pages - Stephen Bourne - ISBN:081086018X - Butterfly McQueen Remembered - Biography & Autobiography - 2008
Education - 1992 - Anthony L. Manna, Cynthia Wolford Symons - UOM:39015029287656 - 659 pages - Children's literature for health awareness - Over a wide range of health-related topics, the authors provide direction for educators, health professionals, librarians, and parents in search of children's literature that 157 pages - Technology for Aircraft Noise Reduction: Hearing Before the ..., Volume 4 - 1991 - United States. Congress. House. Committee on Science, Space, and Technology. Subcommittee on Transportation, Aviation, and Materials - Airplanes - Hearing Before the Subcommittee on Transportation, Aviation, and Materials of the Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, U.S. House of Representatives, One Hundred First Congress, Second Session, September 27, 1990 - LOC:00001314452
How to Run a Business Out of Your Home - 128 pages - Apr 1, 1987 - Home-based businesses - ISBN:0681401257 - Steve Kahn, STANFORD:36105033075081 - Israel, a Phaidon Art and Architecture Guide - Israel - 324 pages - Jan 1, 1987,,
Tips for Your Home Office - ISBN:158017003X - Meredith Gould - Business & Economics - 1998 - Offers advice on creating at-home office space, storing records and supplies, maintaining a professional demeanor, and preserving productivity while juggling family - 155 pages Bertrice Small - Fiction - 272 pages - Jun 27, 2006 - Forbidden Pleasures - Replacing a social life with a career, bestselling romance novelist Emily Shann has gotten by on a vivid imagination, hiding a shocking secret that not even her publisher - ISBN:1101153350, Apr 1, 2007 - The Story of World War II Ace Butch Voris and the Creation of the Blue Angels - The Remarkable Story of a True Hero of American Aviation The U.S. Navy's Blue Angels are the most famous flight demonstration team in the world. While millions of aviation - Robert K. Wilcox - 352 pages - ISBN:1429909943 - First Blue - History Apr 13, 2012 - ISBN:0215043723 - 119 pages - Great Britain: Parliament: House of Commons: Foreign Affairs Committee - eleventh report of session 2010-12, report, together with formal minutes, oral and written evidence - Despite the impressive performance of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in representing the UK's interests across the globe with what is, in Governmental terms, a - Business & Economics - Departmental annual report 2010-11, Fiction - Wedding With a Bang, Volume 1 - Charles Walton, Delta Walton - ISBN:9780741419842 - 262 pages - Jan 1, 2004 - Enter the world where the line they tread between law and lawlessness is as fine as the one between life and death Agricultural Computing Source Book - Agriculture - PSU:000011815464 - 1986
Photography - The American Barbershop - A Closer Look at a Disappearing Place - 1996 - PSU:000026350486 - 176 pages - Mic Hunter - Welcome to a light-hearted, affectionate look at a classic American place: the neighborhood barbershop. Through entertaining photos text, author Mic Hunter explores this fondly Richard G. Lyons - Amazon.coms Top-Selling DSP Book for Seven Straight YearsNow Fully Updated! Understanding Digital Signal Processing, Third Edition, is quite simply the best resource for - Understanding Digital Signal Processing - Technology & Engineering - Nov 1, 2010 - 944 pages - ISBN:0137028520, Philip Jenkins - May 11, 2007 - 352 pages - Religion - God's Continent: Christianity, Islam, and Europe's Religious Crisis - What does the future hold for European Christianity? Is the Christian church doomed to collapse under the weight of globalization, Western secularism, and a flood of Muslim - ISBN:9780199886128,
The Whitby Ghost Book - Tales from the Supernatural World in the old seaport of Whitby written by Paul Fitz-George (formerly McDermott). These were collected by him when he was a Harbour Officer at - Social Science - Ghost stories and pictures from Whitby's supernatural past - Paul McDermott - ISBN:9780907917083 - 32 pages - 1987 Higher education is increasingly international. The issues that affect universities in one country are important globally. There are a myriad of links among academic systems - 1998 - Education - Comparative Higher Education - ISBN:9781567503807 - Knowledge, the University, and Development - 248 pages - Philip G. Altbach, Photography - ISBN:0817440208 - Hollywood Portraits - 140 pages - Roger Hicks, Christopher Nisperos - Classic Shots and how to Take Them : Photographs from the Kobal Collection - 2000 - This book of star photographs provides classic portrait styles and detailed directions on how to set up, light, and shoot each photo. Step-by-step instructions reveal the, ISBN:9781317518013 - Social Science - Outsourcing the Womb - 118 pages - Mar 27, 2015 - France Winddance Twine - Through case studies, Outsourcing the Womb, Second Edition provides a critical analysis and global tour of the international surrogacy landscape in Egypt, India, China, Japan - Race, Class and Gestational Surrogacy in a Global Market 2007 - My Life in Music - Biography & Autobiography - Larry Coryell - ISBN:0879308265 - 209 pages - Improvising - (Book). Jazz guitar legend Larry Coryell takes an unflinching look at his life and career, recounting his musical journey from his scuffling early days in New York City and his,
Sep 1, 2000 - Readers - 16 pages - The Goats in the Turnip Field - ISBN:0170097323 - The repetitive text structure in this traditional tale helps young readers predict successfully. It is a story that encourages children to read with expression and is suitable - Beverley Randell, Jan 1, 2003 - Employing the careful art of compilation, Crest Books draws on established Christian authors to examine the brilliance and vulnerabilities of the "Saints of Scripture." Living - Speaking Still, a Collection of Bible Studies - Bible - 247 pages - ISBN:0974094013 - Living Portraits
ISBN:0745951902 - The Lion Companion to Church Architecture - 2008 - 288 pages - David Stancliffe - David Stancliffe draws on his expertise in the fields of church architecture, liturgy and worship and on his extensive travels to churches around the world to bring a unique - Architecture UVA:X004206396 - Teleworking and urban development patterns - Teleworking and Urban Development Patterns addresses the impact of advances in telecommunications on community development. It discusses the likelihood of an acceleration of - goodbye uglyville, hello paradise - Melvin R. Levin - May 19, 1998 - Business & Economics - 215 pages Medical - 2000 - 682 pages - Recent advances in understanding the biological role of singlet oxygen in the pathways of cellular responses to ultraviolet-A radiation: its key position in photodynamical - Lester Packer, Helmut Sies - ISBN:9780121822200 - Singlet Oxygen, UV-A, and Ozone, Volume 319
Crossing the Threshold of Hope - Pope John Paul II speaks out on some of the major issues confronting humankind at the dawn of the twenty-first century - Religion - 1995 - 244 pages - ISBN:9780679765615 - Pope John Paul II 1989 - Home-based businesses - Work at Home Riches - 103 pages - John Collins - ISBN:093330188X
Charles James Lever - NYPL:33433067295414 - 1894 - The Novels of Charles Lever: Charles O'Malley, the Irish dragoon; with illus. by Phiz Little Night - Juvenile Fiction - ISBN:1596430885 - 32 pages - At the end of a long day, Mother Sky helps her playful daughter, Little Night, to get ready for bed by drawing a tub with falling stars and playing hide-and-seek. 25,000 first - Apr 3, 2007 - Yuyi Morales Christine - Mar 22, 2010 - 300 pages - Christine was eating into his mind, burrowing into his unconscious. Christine, blood-red, fat, and finned, was twenty. Her promise lay all in her past. Greedy and big, she was - Stephen King - Fiction - ISBN:9781848940864 ISBN:0719567785 - 368 pages - Traces the author's journey in the footsteps of world traveler Ibn Battutah through the classical Islamic nations, a trip on which he searched for remnants of Battutah's seven - 2011 - Landfalls - Tim Mackintosh-Smith - On the Edge of Islam from Zanzibar to the Alhambra - Travel, UCSC:32106006795485 - 1984 - Cecelia Holland - The Belt of Gold - A struggle for the throne of ninth-century Byzantium, pitting the ruthless Empress Irene against the wealthy John Cerulis, is a dark undercurrent of the exotic Byzantine life - 305 pages - Byzantine Empire
1963 - Social Science - Social Choice and Individual Values, Issue 12 - 124 pages - The literature on the theory of social choice has grown considerably beyond the few items in existence at the time the first edition of this book appeared in 1951. Some of the - Kenneth Joseph Arrow - ISBN:0300013647
The Commonsense Virtual Assistant - 236 pages - ISBN:0984094016 - Joel D. Canfield - Becoming an Entrepreneur Not an Employee - Business & Economics - Aug 16, 2009 - So, you want to be a virtual assistant. The virtual assistant industry is growing rapidly. Just about anyone can say they are a virtual assistant. You have a computer, internet How American Business Can Meet the Japanese Challenge - 244 pages - 1981 - Theory Z - ISBN:038059451X - Corporations, Foreign - William G. Ouchi, Business & Economics - If you have ever considered working from home but aren't sure where to start, this book details every step of the process. This book includes everything from picking a name and - ISBN:1441456961 - How to Work at Home As a Virtual Assistant - Feb 5, 2009 - 244 pages - From Suits to Sweats - Paige Jackson Jeanne Willis - Be Gentle, Python! - Juvenile Fiction - On Python's first day of school, she can't stop squeezing her classmates, until Elephant accidentally shows her how it feels - 2001 - ISBN:1575055082 - 28 pages, Sep 27, 2016 - Science - 526 pages - ISBN:9780128096062 - Thanumalaya Subramoniam - Sexual Biology and Reproduction in Crustaceans - Sexual Biology and Reproduction in Crustaceans covers crustacean reproduction as it deals with the structural morphology of the gamete-producing primary sex organs, such as the