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Although documentation on the fate of full-blooded Jews in Nazi Germany is abounding, little has been written on the part-Jews who lived each day under a cloud of uncertainty during that period. Reimar Schultze was born a part-Jew and in his autobiography, I AM Love, he chronicles his experiences in an anti-Semitic environment. He shares the horrors of the Allied bombings that killed 600,000 German civilians; he describes the family's abrupt flight from the Nazis to East Germany, only to run into the arms of the dreaded Soviet invasion. The Schultze's escape from the Russians made them part of the largest naval evacuation in history, in which Soviet torpedo boats sent 26,000 refugees and wounded to the bottom of the Baltic Sea. Following this nightmare the author spent two years in a detention camp in Denmark. The author lost his father and baby sister as a youth. But in spite of tragedy and loneliness Reimar met God in a forest and began his quest for the answers to the questions of origin, purpose, and destiny. As an immigrant to the U.S., Schultze describes his difficulties in adjusting to American culture and Christianity. Disappointed with the church and ill with tuberculosis, he withdrew to a long seclusion in which he found unbroken fellowship with Jesus. He began a journey of thrills, romance and adventure that he now shares by radio and through his writing ministry with people around the globe. This book is laden with rare historical data on WWII. It is packed with extraordinary drama and piercing questions about who we are and what we need to be. It is a beacon of hope to the lost, the hungry, the hurting, the hopeless, and the forsaken.
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