French Promise - 9780857970503 - 2017 - Fiona McIntosh - 560 pages - Penguin UK, 2017

Luc and Lisette Ravens – a former French resistance fighter and one-time British spy – have somehow survived the war, but recovering from the horrors of those years is a challenge they're yet to overcome. Casting their fate to the winds, they sail to Tasmania, hoping to rebuild their lives and plant new lavender fields in a land that's full of promise. In his darkest hour, Swiss law student Max Vogel learns a confronting truth. A long-held family secret links him to the Ravens on the other side of the world, and he finds himself holding the key to his own future and to Luc's troubled past. Together they return to Provence, so Luc can fulfil the promises by which he has been bound – to his beloved Lisette, to his Jewish family, and to the one man responsible for ripping so much from his life. With the future generation of lavender keepers in his care, Luc must lay to rest the ghosts of years gone by so that they all might live and love again. From the south England coast to the rugged farmland of northern Tasmania and the lively streets of postwar Paris, thisis an extraordinary story of courage, determination and everlasting love from an internationally bestselling author.
'Are you German or are you French? Are you working against Germany or for it? Are you telling me the truth, or are you a very accomplished liar?' Lavender farmer Luc Bonet is - The Lavender Keeper - 576 pages - Fiona McIntosh - ISBN:9781742534961 - Mar 21, 2012 - Fiction
Fiona McIntosh - Mar 15, 2005 - Fiction - Myrren's Gift - Forced to watch the torture and execution of Myrren, an accused witch, by the self-centered, calculating, and cruel Celimus, the new king, Wyl Thirsk's sympathy for the victim - 562 pages - The Quickening Book One - ISBN:0060747560
544 pages - Without Lazar's guiding hand and presence, the Stone Palace of Percheron has become a different place. Young Zar Boaz, mistrusting of his mother, Herezah, but too inexperienced - Fiona McIntosh - Oct 13, 2009 - Emissary - ISBN:9780061860430 - Book Two of The Percheron Saga - Fiction
Fiona McIntosh - Odalisque - Book One of The Percheron Saga - Oct 13, 2009 - Fiction - 496 pages - Captured by slave traders in the inhospitable desert, Lazar fought his way to freedom, earning the coveted position of Spur of Percheron. Charged with protecting his adopted - ISBN:9780061843938
To save two kingdoms from a despot's rule, one man must journey into the unknown, seeking answers to the strange and powerful secret that so plagues him. Wyl Thirsk, loyal - Fiona McIntosh - Blood and Memory - ISBN:9780061827358 - Oct 13, 2009 - Fiction - The Quickening Book Two - 480 pages
Jul 25, 2012 - Drestonia's capital is cursed by hauntings and disappearing children, panicking the city. Curiously it seems only Crown Princess Ellin, with the help of a young noble, Flynn - Fiona McIntosh - 240 pages - The Rumpelgeist - Juvenile Fiction - ISBN:9781742536316
500 pages - ISBN:9780007276035 - Fiona McIntosh - Ten years has passed since the barbarian Loether brutally conquered the last remaining, most powerful realm in the Denova Set - though the coveted Valisar Enchantment, the - Tyrant's Blood - Emperors - 2009,, Candido Segarra - Apr 1, 2007 - 180 pages - How to Become a True Professional - This text guides readers through the personal application of principles on professionalism, as they enhance the attributes they already possess. (Christian) - ISBN:9781602661806
320 pages - An exciting new magical fantasy for younger readers, full of unlikely heroes and exotic creatures, from bestseller Fiona McIntosh. Griff is an ordinary boy, working at a circus - Juvenile Fiction - Nov 1, 2010 - The Whisperer - ISBN:9780730443438 - Fiona McIntosh, Book 3 of the Valisar Trilogy - ISBN:9780062030559 - Two words on the coverFiona McIntoshalways let me know Im in for a good read. Robin Hobb, author of Dragon Haven King's Wrath concludes Fiona McIntoshs Valisar - Fiction - 528 pages - Fiona McIntosh - King's Wrath - Nov 30, 2010, Beautiful Death - A calculating killer, who 'trophies' the faces of his victims, is targeting Londoners. Under enormous pressure from politicians and the public, DCI Jack Hawksworth and his team - Fiona McIntosh - Fiction - 0 - ISBN:9781938582714 - Nov 3, 2011, Valorie Hubbard, Lea Tolub Brandenburg - Feb 1, 2008 - ISBN:0205592317 - The Actor's Workbook - Performing Arts - How to Become a Working Actor - The Actor's Workbook helps the reader transition from being an acting student to becoming a working professional in a practical, motivating, and straight forward manner. After - 147 pages,,
Fiction - Book One of The Valisar Trilogy - Royal Exile - Fiona McIntosh - From out of the East they came riding like a merciless plaguedestroying kingdom after kingdom and the sovereigns who had previously mocked the warlord Loethar and his - 480 pages - Oct 6, 2009 - ISBN:9780061977077 Fiction - The Quickening Book Three - Bridge of Souls - Oct 13, 2009 - 512 pages - Fiona McIntosh - Wyl Thirsk, former general of the Morgravian army and bearer of the curse known as Myrren's gift, is running out of time. Marriage between his beloved Queen Valentyna and his - ISBN:9780061827877, Offers school leaders guidance for designing and implementing a sustainable professional growth process, demonstrates how participants can develop individual action plans, and - Jul 26, 2007 - 231 pages - A Process for Developing Staff and Improving Instruction - Education - ISBN:9781412949323 - Jodi Peine - The Educator's Professional Growth Plan,
Odalisque - 496 pages - Percheron Book One - ISBN:9780748128266 - Feb 17, 2011 - Fifteen-year-old Boaz is the new Zar, freshly ascended to his throne. In the turmoil following the old Zar's death, courtiers jostle and conspire to secure their positions - Fiona McIntosh - Fiction, Destiny: Trinity Book Three - Fiona McIntosh - Book Three: Trinity Series - Fiction - 608 pages - ISBN:9780748128259 - The Paladin are reunited in the Heartwood and the Trinity is revealed at last. But what is the key to the secret that will unlock their power? The Land is in peril and they are - Feb 17, 2011 ISBN:1581602693 - Sep 1, 2001 - A fool and his money are soon parted, so the saying goes. And if the job is done right, the fool doesn't even realize it's happened until the wily con artist has moved on to - Political Science - How To Become A Professional Con Artist - 152 pages - Dennis M. Marlock
Book 2 of the Valisar Trilogy - Dec 29, 2009 - Tyrant's Blood - ISBN:9780061987069 - 512 pages - Two words on the coverFiona McIntoshalways let me know Im in for a good read. Robin Hobb Fiona McIntosh is a new Big Name in Epic fantasyand now she continues her - Fiction - Fiona McIntosh 592 pages - Percheron Book Three - Fiona McIntosh - Feb 17, 2011 - Zar Boaz is preparing for the imminent arrival of the Galinsean fleet and it seems inevitable that the realm will be plunged into war. His only hope is to use Lazar as a - Goddess - Fiction - ISBN:9780748128280 Fiction - Feb 3, 2011 - Betrayal: Trinity Book One - 528 pages - Fiona McIntosh - Book One: Trinity Series - Deep in the folklore of Tallinore lies a dark story of betrayal and destruction, the story of a powerful sentient called Orlac who once razed the famed city of Caremboche, and - ISBN:9780748128235 Fiona McIntosh - ISBN:9780730445845 - Revenge - Only the trinity can stop the vengeful god Orlac from destroying the Land. Yet the trinity itself remains a mystery. Saved from death by a powerful act of Spiriting, torkyn - 608 pages - Fiction - Sep 1, 2010
Jun 1, 2004 - Religion - Candido Segarra - You Are the Architect of Your Circumstances - ISBN:9781594675461 - 64 pages
The third, and last, instalment of Fiona McIntosh's gripping epic fantasy, set in a world torn by revenge, love and ancient magic - 2010 - ISBN:9780007276059 - The King's Wrath - Dictators - 518 pages - Fiona McIntosh
An action-packed standalone adventure moving from present-day Paris to medieval Morgravia, the world of Fiona McIntosh's bestselling QUICKENING series. the story begins in - Nov 1, 2012 - 608 pages - Fiction - ISBN:9780730492610 - Fiona McIntosh - The Scrivener's Tale,