Concise Encyclopedia of History of Energy; 2009; Elsevier, 2009; 9780123751171; Cutler J. Cleveland; 354 pages

The Concise Encyclopedia of the History of Energy draws together in a single volume a comprehensive account of the field from the prestigious and award-winning Encyclopedia of Energy (2004). This volume covers all aspects of energy history with authoritative articles authoritatively contributed and edited by an interdisciplinary team of experts. Extensively revised since the original publication of they Encylopedia of Energy, this work describes the most interesting historical developments of the past five years in the energy sector. A concise desk reference for researchers and interested in any aspect of the history of energy science Provides eminently cost-effective access to some of the most interesting articles in Encyclopedia of Energy Significantly revised to accommodate the latest trends in each field of enquiry
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Aug 26, 1988; Human Territorial Functioning; Contrary to popular thought, this study argues that territorial functioning is relevant only to limited locations, such as street blocks, and that it reduces conflicts and; Psychology; 351 pages; An Empirical, Evolutionary Perspective on Individual and Small Group Territorial Cognitions, Behaviors, and Consequences; ISBN:0521313074; Ralph B. Taylor
Limits to Economics; Sustainability and Policy; Business & Economics; Michael Common; Jul 28, 1995; Sustainability and Policy addresses the sustainability problem from the discipline of economics. How can poverty be addressed without destroying the environment? This study is; 348 pages; ISBN:0521436052 (and some thoughts about the future); Joseph M. Dukert, Edison Electric Institute; Technology & Engineering; 1980; 85 pages; STANFORD:36105035787584; A short energy history of the United States
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Sep 21, 2016; ISBN:9780486807379; 816 pages; Rich in proofs, examples, and exercises, this widely adopted text emphasizes physics and engineering applications. The Student Solutions Manual can be downloaded free from; Mathematics; Partial Differential Equations with Fourier Series and Boundary Value Problems; Nakhle H. Asmar; Third Edition,
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