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The Becoming: Part 1. ISBN:9781462687459 ISBN:9780804125932. THE PRINCETON REVIEW GETS RESULTS! Ace the SAT math sections with 10 need-to-know essential topics for acing the exam. This eBook edition is formatted for on-screen viewing. Study Aids. Princeton Review. SAT Power Math. Dec 16, 2014. 352 pages, Alicia Alvrez. The Best Advice from Some of the World's Best Mothers. ISBN:1573248703. May 1, 2004. 288 pages. Family & Relationships. Mama Says. Mama Says is a delightful, funny, and very wise book of over 400 sayings from mothers from around the world that represent a lineage of mothers' wisdom. The sayings are not Climate Treaties and Models. 1994. ISBN:9781428920507. Issues in the International Management of Climate Change. Climatic changes. 28 pages, In January 2011, South Sudan held a referendum to decide between unity or independence from the central government of Sudan as called for by the Comprehensive Peace Agreement. 2012. Political Science. Paul F. Hartley, Ronald Bland. South Sudan. Challenges and Opportunities for Africa's New Nation. 98 pages. ISBN:161942276X