Architectural Excellence: 500 Iconic Buildings, 2008, Paul Cattermole, 9781554073580, 512 pages, Firefly Books, 2008

A magnificent collection of the world's greatest buildings, ancient and modern. Architectural Excellence is organized chronologically and serves as a visual lesson in architecture through the ages. The buildings featured come from all over the world and include centers of worship, public buildings, places of business and homes. Each building includes a photograph, with a double-page spread for the top 50 selections. Captions provide specifications and brief histories. Beginning with a prehistoric cave dwelling in Turkey and continuing to the 21st century, this magnificent book shows buildings that reflect human imagination, engineering skill and determination. Many are familiar-the Parthenon, St. Basil's Cathedral, Grand Central Station. Others are equally significant but lesser known. Examples include: Great Stupa in Sanchi, India, c. 200 BC, Buddhist Caernarfon Castle in Wales, 1339, Medieval Novodevichi Convent in Moscow, c. 1500, Byzantine /Kievan Zwinger Palace in Dresden, 1722, Rococo Fort Henry in Kingston, Ontario, 1837, Victorian military The Monadnock Building in Chicago, 1891, Richardsonian Courts of Justice in Chandigarh, India, 1956, Modernist Price House in Corona de Mar, California, 1989, Organic Maison Hermes, Flagship Store in Tokyo, 2001, High-tech. Tremendous in its scope, Architectural Excellence is an unmatched resource for architecture professionals and general readers.
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