Intimate Enemies: Moral Panics in Contemporary Great Britain; Philip Jenkins; 262 pages; Transaction Publishers; 9780202366920

Intimate Enemies describes the creation of a journalistically induced panic in Great Britain during the the 1980s - a decade of intense concern about a closely related set of perceived problems: sexual abuse of children, child pornography, satanic rituals, and serial murder. It was widely alleged that such practices became more common during the decade, and the notoriety attracted major attention from the mass media, as well as from agencies in law enforcement, social welfare, and mental health.
ISBN:1412840902; 262 pages; Social Science; Using Murder; The Social Construction of Serial Homicide; Philip Jenkins; In the last decade, serial murder has become a source of major concern for law enforcement agencies, while the serial killer has attracted widespread interest as a villain in
Dec 1, 2004; Philip Jenkins; Changing Concepts of the Child Molester in Modern America; 302 pages; ISBN:0300109636; Moral Panic; Family & Relationships; It is commonly acknowledged that sexual abuse of children is a grave and pervasive problem and that child molesters are predators who compulsively repeat their crimes and have
Language Arts & Disciplines; The book acts as a guide to the images of terrorism that we see daily in the mass media. The author believes that our perceptions of terrorism are formed by the interaction of; Philip Jenkins; Images of Terror; ISBN:020230678X; 227 pages; 2003; What We Can and Can't Know about Terrorism
Jan 1, 2005; Grades 2-5; 64 pages; This guide includes traditional language arts exercises with special emphasis on helping students explore "making the story your own"--How the characters and events in the; ISBN:1594413282; Christin Ditchfield; A Teacher's Guide to the Lion, the Witch And the Wardrobe; Education
416 pages; From the author of the #1 bestselling The Time Traveler's Wife, a spectacularly compelling novelset in and near Highgate Cemetery in London, about the love between twins, men; ISBN:9781439169179; A Novel; Sep 29, 2009; Fiction; Her Fearful Symmetry; Audrey Niffenegger, 32 pages; Jul 1, 2010; "Describes the lives of Malia and Sasha Obama"--Provided by publisher; Malia and Sasha Obama; Juvenile Nonfiction; ISBN:9781429650007; Jennifer M. Besel
Apr 17, 2013; Johannes Voit; Mathematics; This textbook describes parallels between statistical physics and finance - both those established in the 100-year-long interaction between these disciplines, as well as new; 290 pages; The Statistical Mechanics of Financial Markets; ISBN:9783662051252
Sep 23, 2008; Lori K. Garrett, Judy Meier Penn; Get Ready for Microbiology helps you quickly prepare for your microbiology course and provides useful materials for future reference. This workbook includes guided explanations; 228 pages; Science; Get Ready for Microbiology; ISBN:0321592506
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William Steig; Juvenile Fiction; 32 pages; Zeke Pippin; May 22, 1997; Bitterly disappointed when his family falls asleep as he plays his newfound harmonica, a spirited young pig runs away'only to undergo harrowing adventures before he, with the; ISBN:9780062059246
Vestal Goodman, Ken Abraham; 1998; ISBN:1578560039; 290 pages; Vestal!; The gospel singer describes her career and reveals the troubling and trying times that have helped to shape her character and deepen her faith; Biography & Autobiography
Michael G. Flaherty; 2011; 180 pages; Science; The Textures of Time; What do we mean when we say, "I made the time pass more quickly," or, "Im creating some me time"? InThe Textures of Time, Michael Flaherty examines how we alter or customize; ISBN:9781439902646; Agency and Temporal Experience
UCSD:31822015519168; Parsifal on Record; The first comprehensive discography on one of Wagner's music dramas, this volume lists recordings of complete performances, major selections, and excerpts, both vocal and; Jonathan Brown; 152 pages; Music; Jan 1, 1992; A Discography of Complete Recordings, Selections, and Excerpts of Wagner's Music Drama, In Mystics and Messiahs--the first full account of cults and anti-cult scares in American history--Philip Jenkins shows that, contrary to popular belief, cults were by no means; Cults and New Religions in American History; Philip Jenkins; 304 pages; ISBN:0198029330; Mystics and Messiahs; Apr 6, 2000; Religion Nomi Erteschik-Shir; Jan 11, 2007; The Syntax-Discourse Interface; Language Arts & Disciplines; ISBN:9780199262588; Information Structure:The Syntax-Discourse Interface; 256 pages; This introduction to the role of information structure in grammar discusses a wide range of phenomena on the syntax-information structure interface. It examines theories of, Language Arts & Disciplines; Examining the ways in which linguistic traits may change in a contact situation, this book contains an encyclopaedic introduction, which sets out a theory of contact-induced; 355 pages; 2006; Grammars in Contact; ISBN:9780199207831; Aleksandra IUrevna Akhenvald, Robert M. W. Dixon; A Cross-Linguistic Typology,
ISBN:0198035276; Social Science; The New Anti-Catholicism; Anti-Catholicism has a long history in America. And as Philip Jenkins argues in The New Anti-Catholicism, this virulent strain of hatred--once thought dead--is alive and well; Apr 17, 2003; The Last Acceptable Prejudice; 272 pages; Philip Jenkins Jul 12, 2011; 32 pages; Dream Away; Julia Durango, Katie Belle Trupiano; Juvenile Fiction; Dream away, dream away, sleepyhead, love Set sail for the ocean of stars up above. You be the captain and I'll be your mate. We'll journey together, the heavens await. From; ISBN:9781439160213 Family & Relationships; ISBN:0195145976; Pedophiles and Priests; Philip Jenkins; 224 pages; Arguing that the current epidemic of clergy sex abuse is not as widespread as the media suggests, a critical examination of this issue states that popular imagination fans the; Aug 30, 2001; Anatomy of a Contemporary Crisis,
ISBN:0300085079; The Serbs; History; 382 pages; History, Myth, and the Destruction of Yugoslavia; 2000; Tim Judah; Who are the Serbs? Branded by some as Europe's new Nazis, they are seen by othersand by themselvesas the innocent victims of nationalist aggression and of an implacably,
Principles in Practice; Social Science; Martyn Hammersley, Paul Atkinson; ISBN:0415086647; Ethnography; 1995; 323 pages; Thoroughly updated and substantially rewritten, the second edition of this popular textbook is now even more relevant and useful for students and researchers. In this Juvenile Nonfiction; Volcanoes; Victor Gentle, Janet Perry; 24 pages; Describes different types of volcanic eruptions and the damage they cause; ISBN:0836828364; Jan 1, 2001 ISBN:0745953670; The Lost History of Christianity; Feb 20, 2009; Africa; 317 pages; Leading religion scholar Jenkins reveals a vast Christian world to the east of the Roman Empire and explains how the earliest, most influential churches of the East--China; Philip Jenkins The Red Scare in Pennsylvania, 1945-1960; 1999; 271 pages; History; ISBN:080784781X; One of the most significant industrial states in the country, with a powerful radical tradition, Pennsylvania was, by the early 1950s, the scene of some of the fiercest anti; Philip Jenkins; The Cold War at Home, 248 pages; 1988; Heidi Munan; Culture Shock! Borneo; ISBN:1558680756; Whether you travel for business, pleasure, or a combination of the two, the ever-popular "Culture Shock!" series belongs in your backpack or briefcase. Get the nuts-and-bolts; Travel
Religion; 2003; Taking a global view, this volume is a landmark analysis of the enormous growth of Christianity in the southern hemisphere and its revolutionary implications for the Church in; 270 pages; ISBN:0195168917; Philip Jenkins; The Next Christendom; The Coming of Global Christianity ISBN:9781860469244; His Life and Art; David Bellos; Biography & Autobiography; 382 pages; 2001; The full story of one of France's greatest cinema legends, a clown whose film-making innovation was to turn everyday life into an art form. Jacques Tati's Monsieur Hulot; Jacques Tati Philip Jenkins; 380 pages; The Glamorgan Gentry 1640-1790; History; Aug 22, 2002; ISBN:0521521947; The Making of a Ruling Class; A study of the formation of a new ruling class in the years prior to British industrialisation NHAI Jules Reiver Collection Auction Catalog #390; Dec 1, 2005; ISBN:1599670240 What does the future hold for European Christianity? Is the Christian church doomed to collapse under the weight of globalization, Western secularism, and a flood of Muslim; ISBN:9780199886128; 352 pages; God's Continent: Christianity, Islam, and Europe's Religious Crisis; Philip Jenkins; Religion; May 11, 2007 343 pages; Hoods and Shirts; Philip Jenkins; The Extreme Right in Pennsylvania, 1925-1950; 1997; History; ISBN:0807823163; Extreme right-wing groups have always been a part of the American religious and political landscape. The era between the world wars, especially the 1930s, was a particularly, SIMPLY Office 2010; Wanting to make the most of Microsoft Office 2010? But not sure exactly what is has to offer? Then look no further as this clear, concise guide is the ideal companion for fast; 224 pages; Computers; Aug 4, 2011; ISBN:9780470971000; Kate Shoup Provides up-to-date information for manufacturers on the logistics of obtaining supplies and distributing materials to business customers, as practiced by companies in Asia; 2003; John Gattorna; 692 pages; Business & Economics; Gower Handbook of Supply Chain Management; ISBN:0566085119
A Political Biography; 410 pages; Baltimore's "Do It Now" mayor, two-term Maryland governor, and recently elected comptroller of the treasury, William Donald Schaefer may be the most colorful character ever to; Sep 22, 1999; ISBN:0801862523; Biography & Autobiography; William Donald Schaefer; C. Fraser Smith The onetime Hollywood star recounts her adolescence, her movie career, her marriages, and the assorted ups and downs of her life; Scarlett O'Hara's Younger Sister; Biography & Autobiography; MINN:31951D02322221G; My Lively Life in and Out of Hollywood; Evelyn Keyes; 318 pages; 1977 Debunks the claims that recently discovered texts such as the Gospel of Thomas and the Gospel of Mary undermine the historical validity of the New Testament; Hidden Gospels; Dec 5, 2002; History; 272 pages; How the Search for Jesus Lost Its Way; Philip Jenkins; ISBN:0195156315, Regional Planning and Governance in Britain, Europe and the United States; ISBN:011702368X; Regional Imperative; Urlan A. Wannop; 336 pages; Sep 1, 2002; Based on cases and interviews in Britain, Europe and the United States, this book explains the recurrence of regional planning and of initiatives in regional governance, in a; Architecture ISBN:0312163614; Philip Jenkins; Covers political, social, economic, and cultural aspects of American history; A History of the United States; 1997; 317 pages; History
1994; Living with a Willy; Designed to be a frank, friendly, and funny guide for boys, this book explains the biological stages of puberty with real incidents and examples of the feelings and; Nick Fisher; Juvenile Nonfiction; 117 pages; ISBN:0330332481; The Inside Story
Bill James; 208 pages; ISBN:1780295316; Undercover; Fiction; Detective Chief Superintendent Colin Harpur and his boss Assistant Chief Constable Desmond Iles are called in to another Force's ground to investigate what the Home office sees; Feb 28, 2013 247 pages; The Symbolic Politics of Designer Drugs; Philip Jenkins; ISBN:0814742440; Synthetic Panics; White Cargo is the forgotten story of the thousands of Britons who lived and died in bondage in Britains American colonies. In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, more; History; Jul 1, 1999 Images from the Photographs Collection of the Royal Institute of British Architects; Robert Elwall, Eric Samuel De Mar; Architectural photography; 108 pages; Eric de Mar; ISBN:1859460836; 2000 ISBN:0415356482; Business & Economics; 2005; 273 pages; Combining seminal papers on marketing communications with incisive commentary and overviews from the editors, case studies and student question and answer sections, this text; Philip J. Kitchen, Patrick de Pelsmacker, Lynne Eagle; A Reader in Marketing Communications,, 352 pages; ISBN:0198039727; The End of the Sixties and the Making of Eighties America; Philip Jenkins; Social Science; Why did the youthful optimism and openness of the sixties give way to Ronald Reagan and the spirit of conservative reaction--a spirit that remains ascendant today? Drawing on a; Decade of Nightmares; Mar 15, 2006 Robert M. W. Dixon; Ergativity; Language Arts & Disciplines; Jun 2, 1994; 271 pages; Although there is only one ergative language in Europe (Basque), perhaps one-quarter of the world's languages show ergative properties. R.M.W. Dixon here provides a full survey; ISBN:0521448980,
Dream Catchers; How Mainstream America Discovered Native Spirituality; In books such as Mystics and Messiahs, Hidden Gospels, and The Next Christendom, Philip Jenkins has established himself as a leading commentator on religion and society. Now; Sep 21, 2004; ISBN:019534765X; 320 pages; Religion; Philip Jenkins,
272 pages; Social Science; The New Faces of Christianity; Named one of the top religion books of 2002 by USA Today, Philip Jenkins's phenomenally successful The Next Christendom permanently changed the way people think about the; Philip Jenkins; ISBN:0198041160; Sep 1, 2006; Believing the Bible in the Global South, 2012; This collection of favorite recipes will enable every busy cook to save time, simplify kitchen work, and serve exceptionally delightful meals. Each tested recipe includes prep; 208 pages; ISBN:1934193879; Cooking; Bob Warden's Favorite Recipes for Cook's Essentials Cookware; Bob Warden, Ronda DiGuglielmo, Donna Land Richard F. Fenno; Observes congressional representatives in their home districts and explores the ways in which their political behavior is affected by their attitudes toward their constituencies; 1978; 304 pages; STANFORD:36105112725564; Home style; House Members in their districts; Political Science, Jul 1, 2003; 260 pages; White Cargo is the forgotten story of the thousands of Britons who lived and died in bondage in Britains American colonies. In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, more; ISBN:0814742637; Computers; Child Pornography on the Internet; Beyond Tolerance; Philip Jenkins
Teddy bears; 32 pages; For younger readers. W.A. author. 6 yrs+; ISBN:1869614682; David Caddy Edel Wignell Chantal Stewart Brigid James; The Bear Collection; 2001