The Body as Material Culture: A Theoretical Osteoarchaeology, 9780521521468 Cambridge University Press, 2006 Joanna R. Sofaer 2006 188 pages

Bodies intrigue us. They promise windows into the past that other archaeological finds cannot by bringing us literally face to face with history. Yet 'the body' is also highly contested. Archaeological bodies are studied through two contrasting perspectives that sit on different sides of a disciplinary divide. On one hand lie science-based osteoarchaeological approaches. On the other lie understandings derived from recent developments in social theory that increasingly view the body as a social construction. Through a close examination of disciplinary practice, Joanna Sofaer highlights the tensions and possibilities offered by one particular kind of archaeological body, the human skeleton, with particular regard to the study of gender and age. Using a range of examples, she argues for reassessment of the role of the skeletal body in archaeological practice, and develops a theoretical framework for bioarchaeology based on the materiality and historicity of human remains.
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Marie Louise Stig Srensen History Gender Archaeology Aug 22, 2000 236 pages ISBN:0745620159 This major new textbook explores the relations between gender and archaeology, providing an innovative and important account of how material culture is used in the construction "Using local produce to cook Italian food is what it's all about for me. I hope that you'll be as inspired as I am to search out fresh ingredients, take pleasure in cooking Tobie Puttock 2008 Cooking, Italian 208 pages ISBN:1920989757 Italian Local, Modern French Grammar 320 pages Margaret Lang,, Isabelle Perez Foreign Language Study A Practical Guide This new edition of the Modern French Grammar is an innovative reference guide to French, combining traditional and function-based grammar in a single volume. Divided into two ISBN:9781134323029 Aug 2, 2004 318 pages ISBN:1602202273 Short Stories for Kids and Teens Ji Yiming, Ren Daxing, Ren Dalin A host of outstanding Shanghai writers have devoted themselves to providing young readers with plenty of food for thought Juvenile Fiction Sep 10, 2010 By Contemporary Shanghai Writers,
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Bakery Science and Cereal Technology is one of the important courses being offered to undergraduate students as a professional elective. Through this course the students shall Bakery Science and Cereal Technology 2005 Baking 311 pages Neelam Khetarpaul ISBN:8170353505